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Does Child Support Count As Income For Mortgage

When you apply for an FHA mortgage and list alimony or child support payments as legitimate income, your loan officer will examine the ratio of your other income versus the amount of child support or alimony you receive. Depending on the amount and your lender’s policies, certain requirements govern how that income is to be considered.

At their combined income level of $5,500, the basic monthly child support from.. basic child support plus additional expenses the obligor is ordered to pay, does.. (1) If the obligee is living in the marital residence and the mortgage payment.

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Does it seem like the mortgage process was designed for traditional W-2 employees? If you don’t have paycheck stubs or if your income varies wildly, don’t sweat it. Self-employed people can qualify.

W2 income; Overtime; Child support (if court ordered and has at least 3 years left). FHA loans do have more wiggle room when it comes to your debt-to-income.

All I can tell you for a fact is that Alimony is reportable/taxable income to the recipient, and tax deductible for the payer. Child support is not.

Borrowers must demonstrate stable, verifiable income that will continue for at least the first three years of the mortgage. form of income that does not require work history is alimony, separate.

Yes you can use your child support payments as income when applying for a mortgage, however only with some lenders. Some banks view child support payments as an unreliable income source and so will not count on it to assist with home loan repayments. However others will look at the court order and the stability of the payments that you have.

High Debt To Income Ratio Mortgage Loans 2014-05-28  · All lenders seriously consider a borrower’s debt and income in considering an application. However, not every borrower has a perfect debt to income ratio.

Previous formulae are detailed in the Appendix to these guidelines. CAPITAL. This may include: (a) Savings that have not been invested but are held in cash.

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